• Arnab Kumar Mondal, Ph.D., 2020-. (co-supervised w/ Kaleem Siddiqi)
  • Mehran Shakerinava, M.Sc. 2020-.
  • Seku-Oumar Kaba, M.Sc. 2020-.
  • Tara Akhoundsadegh, M.Sc. 2020-. (co-supervised w/ Laurence Perreault Levasseur)
  • Daniel Levy, M.Sc., 2020-.
  • Renhao Wang, B.Sc., 2018-.

Previous students

  • Devon Graham M.Sc. (UBC) 2017-2018
  • Vaden Masrani Ph.D. (UBC), 2018
  • Marjan Albooyeh, M.Sc. (UBC), 2018

Note to prospective students: I’m always looking for bright students who share my research interests. However, I receive many emails about this and unfortunately I cannot answer most of these emails. If you believe that you are a very good match and want my feedback before applying to McGill or Mila, please make sure to include your CV.